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Developer Guide

Getting Started

You must have a working Go environment and then fork the repo and clone it:

Clone Nauticus Locally
git clone<your-username>/nauticus.git
cd nauticus

Do not forget to add the upstream repository to rebase when needed.

Clone Nauticus Locally
git remote add upstream

Building & Testing

First you need a local kubernetes cluster if you want to run the controller againt a real API Server, you can create a kind cluster for this purpose.

Create a kind cluster
kind create cluster --image kindest/node:v1.24.1 --wait 5m --name nauticus

The project uses the make build system. It'll run code generators, tests and static code analysis.

Start by displaying the help target of make to discover what we can do with make.

Display Make Help
make help

Initialize your dev environment

  1. First Install the golangci-lint tool

    Install golangci-lint tool
    make golangci-lint
  2. Build the controller locally

    Build the controller locally
    make build
  3. Run tests

    Run tests locally
    make tests
    4. Run the controller
    Run the controller locally
    make manifests
    kubectl apply -f config/crd/bases/nauticus.io_spaces.yaml
    make run
    5. Lint the code

    Run the controller locally
    make golint


We use mkdocs material. See /docs for the source code.

Install mkdocs using pip:

pip install mkdocs-material

When writing documentation it is advised to run the mkdocs server with livereload:

mkdocs serve

Open http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

We generate CRD documentation using crddoc, Build the api documentation:

Generate Api doc
make apidoc